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The life of a developer is lines full of codes. They are really lazy these developers, in addition to their tenacity to want to finish this page in time. Indeed, the innovation of the technology has an impact on the job of a developer.

IT in 2019

In the beginning, developers used dBase or COBOL with Mainframe. Today, the IT sector is characterized by a great dynamism and a sustained piece of innovation. The list of computer languages is Java, CSS, Python, C ++, Visual Basic, SQL, and PHP with many others that are useful when needed. We also found that the Swift mixes with the language of developers, this product is coming from Apple and it can serve to help our creativity of a website. Each domain is unique, which requires special tools as well as PHP stays the basic of a dynamic website, that’s why php developer is a famous job now. Online banking takes a lot of responsibility for development this year with, the php developer that offers Moneris to accelerate money transactions. That's just an example, but mobile apps have got some updated, and it is normal because we are immersed in the digital world now.

It’s time to upgrade our website

Oracle 12c/11g is the novelty for the SQL program. There is more freedom to work on the Truncate, the Fetch, but also the new features on JSON, and everything goes into the automation of the system. We had also lightened system for the management of sites for a very light and intelligent server that warns you when a hacker is near, they are several but the FileMaker is really intuitive. Now we have an iPad that looks like your Mac, yes, that's the hardware design, but the applications also follow this beauty for more improved GPS, the particularity of Apple Pay and others. Even the augmented reality is discovered of its innovation on our iOS, so it changes, it evolves and it innovates.

The challenge is launched for this year and the developers will have bread from the board, by innovating the website of 2015 in this art of the future.

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