Read your news online with web publication !

Since the launch of the IPad, the reading of online magazines became a reality. To read its favorite publication on its tablet or on its smartphone became common place thing. Nevertheless, not so long ago, the first generation of digital publishing did not allow to produce all books in the electronic format.
The layout and the contents had to be simple and adapted to the small screens in black and white digital readers. Magazines and approximately 85 % of books could not be adapted to these devices. The contents rich in photos, in audio or video files were not compatible.

Read your favorite magazine online !

With tablets, the online reading of any publication became possible. Things are not less complicated with it, because there are several digital supports: IPad, IPhones, Android, smartphones and internet. These supports use different technologies and different applications.
The reading of one Web publication on your tablet Android requires to download an application which is not the same as on your IPhone. You can understand this easily by noticing that stores are simply different on all these supports: App Store, Android Market, Google Play....

But all these differences are completely transparent for the reader of online magazines.This is what makes online reading so enjoyable.

To publish on Web became essential

With platforms as php montreal your web publication is visible on all supports. With 4 native applications tablets (IPad, Android, Microsoft Surface, AmazonKindle) and one to the Web version, your professional magazines and all your publications can be read in any format. The native applications allow the sending of notifications push, the outstanding consultation and react faster to the use.

With the revolution digital publishing, you can easily publish online, even if you have no graphic designer's training. Enrich yourself your PDF in multimedia contents.


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