Adding Team Extension to Your Larger Company: Benefits and Strategies

If you are the team leader of a team in a large company, it is likely that you have considered team extension. When thinking about team extension, there are many benefits to consider and strategies to employ. In this blog post we will discuss the benefits and strategies for adding team extensions to your larger company!

In team extension, a team from one division is physically located within another division. This can be done for many reasons including collaboration and the sharing of resources. In team extension, there are typically two factors that companies look at: physical location and communication expectations/practices. Firstly, when considering where to place your team in an organization you must decide on the level of integration with other teams necessary for success as well as proximity to shared resources or facilities such as conference rooms or equipment spaces.

Secondly, it should also be determined if team members will communicate primarily face-to-face or through technology?

Technology is often used in team extension when teams are dispersed throughout the company. This is especially helpful when team members have limited face-to-face contact due to geographical divides or work schedules that require working outside of normal business hours. When team members communicate primarily through technology, it is important for managers and team leaders to ensure their expectations match these communication methods so as not to create confusion or frustration among team members.

Technology integration can also help with cross functional collaboration with other departments within an organization if they are physically located close enough together on a floor plan. If you are considering physical location then there are several things companies should keep in mind such as how will this impact existing facilities? Will new spaces need to be created? What about parking space, noise levels.

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