The Koddos Datacenter located in the Netherlands

When we talk about website, there is a lot of services inside, and itmust be enabledfor less than one year. It is possible,with a layout design, more pictures, and a strong system to defeat hacker’s work.

Your website is important for your business

Business without website is not serious. When you create your website, you need to be careful about everything. The design has to be practice for everyone, all the links are available, and you have many applications inside. Don’t forget the responsive version for the Smartphone or tablet. But the real important thing is your hosting power. You have to check for those which is able to build a big wall for the security of your website. There are many hosting services in the world, but the famous one is KoDDoS. He is the only system that could fight all DDoS attacks. DDoS is a technical elaborated by hackers to attack website mostly those with a lot of traffic. Technically, his physical infrastructure is biggest than others. Their base in Hong Kong is awesome but his big building in Netherlands Datacenter is more spectacular.

Take a fly with us in KoDDoS datacenter in Netherlands

The first question is why Netherlands? When we see on the overview this country, there are full of iron big industries. The reason for this implantation is the area. Netherlands is located on the north of the planet, so it is a cold space, and more comfortable for a giant society. His climatic condition gives more oxygen for all engines and pipeline infrastructurein a datacenter building. But the very important reason is about geographic situation, because when we see the world map, Netherlands will be more accessible in North America and Europe. Netherlands has a robust broadband connection in the world after Hong Kong. Because of those conditions of life, the KoDDoS Datacenter in Netherland could work 24/7 in more than one hundred years on the future. So, your website is still connecting during those years.

That is all about physical overview, but when you get a visit inside,you will be impressed about their security digital system,about the protection of all corridors, their connection software, hardware, and the last one is their plans against DDoS.

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