Carefully choose your dev language!

The choice of a programming language is essential for the development of applications or programs. Indeed, this choice can influence several aspects of development such as project duration, effectiveness of the application, resources needed, etc. Moreover, the choice of the programming language depends mainly on the type of project and the costs that this may entail.

Importance of the programming language in a project

When choosing a computer project, choosing the programming language is one of the most important steps. Indeed, making the right choice of programming language not only saves time but also money. If you choose, for example, a language that your developer team does not know, it will take time for them to learn the language before they actually speak on the project.

Moreover, each type of project corresponds to a type of language. For example, at ruby savvy company, expert in web application development, they opted for the Ruby language. This web-oriented language is an excellent tool for the quick development of web application design, powerful and functional. Thus, the choice of the ruby language for the development of applications for customers guarantees them a unique expertise as well as a controlled and easy to maintain production.

How to choose your programming language?

This is a question often faced by developers and project managers. Indeed, to choose one programming language to the detriment of another is an operation that involves many criteria. The robustness of the code, the maintainability or the readability of the code, the flexibility of the language … are all criteria that come into play.

In all cases, the nature of the project often determines the technology to be used. So for web projects, we naturally head ourselves towards web programming languages like Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and so on. And for business applications, languages like Java (J2EE), C ++ or C can do the job. That’s why it is important to choose your programming language according to your project and your expectations.

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