What's new in the world of Php in 2019 ?

Php’s world is nearly attached to internet’s evolution, so news on php can been seen directly on their newest developed website nowadays. Anyway, they are not easier to find than expected, it needs a certain level of knowledge to be able to distinguish them from older.

What about php?

While talking about php it is important to remember that is an informatic language first, and after, it is possible to talk about other. Anyway, everyone has his own way to define how they understand what php is, however, it is to retain that this is the acronym of Hypertext Preprocessor. Anyway, this language has been used since a long time ago, and continue to evolve constantly now. However, during these seasons, this opensource programming script language on the server-side is mostly used for web development and has been integrated to many CMS. Anyway, on this main side, some modification has been recently done, and some functionality has been removed on, due to a lack of utility shown by some component.

Changes on php 2019

Marked by the arrivals of the version 7.3, Php is surpassing every user’s thought, in terms of practicability, with this version adapted to a php website development by beginner or professional. Anyway, this has been, seen following the removal of HHVM, which is the principal responsible of WordPress current hosting error 500, and which has been replaced by Kinsta. Kinsta is a new solution that have been designed in order to fix every hosting error, according to the fact that near of 80% of websites are now running under php language and server. And as referred to users, it seems that PHP is now faster and more living than ever nowadays, and it is interesting to see the next changing.

Php has always been a giant in terms of website development, anyway, it has still been remembering to everyone recently, with this new version.

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