Middleware : PHP language explaination

When talking about web application development, PHP is the most used concept thanks to its multiple advantages. These benefits are multiple, but in addition, they can not be underestimated especially when you are a professional such as php development company that will ensure optimal use of the concept. Just as the concept of Middelware which follows the PHP language. And for a good understanding of these two concepts, you will understand the basics.


The language PHP is a server-side web programming language. It is the server or the machine that hosts the web site in question who will interpret the PHP code and generate code that can be interpreted by software. Generally, the generated code is the HTML that will be read by a browser, but can also be used for other languages ​​or formats like WML, GIF, PDF or SVG. This language was designed to enable the creation of dynamic web applications dedicated to. Professionals like custom php application development will install PHP on the main market of web servers to make it as convenient as possible. This coupling will, among other retrieving information from databases, system files or just the data sent by the browser to be read or stored for later use.

What's Middleware?

Middleware, The term comes from the English Middle meaning middle and software means software. Middleware therefore offers high level of services related to applications of communication needs. This is called interprocess communication that is in the OSI model above the transport layer. Specialists such as php development company to manage the so use function calls from the application or earnings management at the client or server. Middleware will then format the data to be handled by the transport layer. Two separate components therefore ensure these missions namely the formatted access protocol that will form the different data at the network level and the programming interface that will take care of connections and disconnections to the server, the definition of environmental the connection and transfer requests and receiving results.

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