How to become a php developer

Becoming a php developer is an exercise that will take time. The reality of the job market makes the php developer an increasingly sought-after professional. Whether you are in the midst of a professional training program or a recent graduate student, here are some tips on how to become a php programmer.

Why and who can become a PHP developer?

There are many reasons why you should become a php developer. Developer php is a highly sought-after profile by recruiters. PHP is an open-source language, free of charge, whose syntax is easy to learn. Moreover, it is a web-oriented language, therefore perfect for your web projects.

I’d like to step forward and say that anyone can become a php developer, but I’m in danger of getting angry with some purists. Although the path of a php web developer requires a background in computer science, it is not uncommon to see different profiles, or even self-taught people starting on this path.

Online Programming Courses or MOOCs

The best way to learn php is through specialized online training. Even if you have a computer background, these online courses are a simple and effective way to learn php development. Indeed, they are training courses specifically designed for certain types of profiles. It is up to you to choose the most appropriate training.

In addition, the Internet has led to the establishment of MOOC. These courses are designed for beginners as well as experienced professionals. Unlike training provided by agencies, training is cheaper or even free of charge.

Choosing a PHP Framework

The choice of a framework when starting to develop PHP applications becomes vital. The framework allows you to develop faster, to have a clearer and more easily maintainable code and above all to increase your productivity. There are several PHP frameworks to help you with your learning. You will have the choice between frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, Zend PHP, CodeIgniter, etc.

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