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How Developers use Magento

Magento is an open source system that was created in 2008. It's a tool that makes it easier for Magento Developers. It is known as the best e-commerce platform most used by large companies. It offers very powerful solutions allowing the innovation and rapid development of online sales shops.

Magento: solution for e-commerce

Magento has been designed to offer a solution to e-commerce. It represents several advantages that allow Magento Developers to carry out their work. This platform is reserved for commercial activities, product management, customer management as well as the promotion of online sales sites. It also gives the possibility of making a payment online. Customers can send orders anywhere they are and wherever they come with their mobile phone. It allows the seller to offer their products to an international audience. Category and product texts may be in different languages.

Utilities and features of Magento

Developers choose Magento for its features. First, they have an optimized search engine putting users first on search engine result pages.

Second, this platform is very effective in the marketing field. It contains software to easily configure and export purchase orders and coupons. It gives customers the opportunity to manage and see the evolution of their order. They can also create surveys to share opinions and tips between them.

Finally, Magento offers an easy payment. With its e-commerce system, customers can access the payment page and make their purchase safely. Customers can see the history of their purchase and get information on shipping costs and taxes. Several possibilities of payment will be suggested to him, that it is: by credit card, credit card, paypal or others.

Magento is a powerful tool for e-commerce whether for the seller or online shoppers. Rich in features, It is very appreciated by the Magento developpers.


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