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The perks of using Angular

Browse a site, click everywhere, chat online ... All this seems today to be a standard. However, behind every action you make are lines of code. Creating a website is a job that requires attention and hard work. For you developer, discover the benefits of using Angular.

What's new in Angular

Angular JS is part of Google's new wave of javascript framework. It is a technical base that is extensible. It also drives towards a structured development. For an angular developer, the goal is to avoid loading a new page for each action requested. This will indeed give the impression of having a more fluid navigation for the visitor. Using Angular JS imposes a development following the MVVM structure (Model-View-View-Model). For this purpose, the number of accesses to the server is greatly reduced. The communication is in asynchronous mode. The visual interface is customer-driven. As a result, background queries are removed, at least most. This will then allow to create lighter web applications. It is therefore normal for Angular to be suitable for single-web applications, that is, applications with only one interface. It is, therefore, very suitable for applications on mobile devices.

Soft side

Google's framework provides better dynamic content management. AngulaJS extends traditional HTML to enrich dynamic content via two-way data binding. There is a very practical concept behind this name. As soon as a view is modified, the data is sent to the associated model which in turn refreshes this view. In a more concrete case, imagine someone writing on a text field. The value entered will then be displayed on the page, without reloading or submitting information in advance. The applications will then be more responsive. Angular JS is also an extensible and modular platform. It offers an alternative to overcome the static nature of the HTML solution. The code used on Angular is flexible. It then becomes easy to add, modify, or delete directives. This makes Angula JS very popular with developers.

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