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No a developer is not a web designer !

No matter where one is we always hear about the custom php programmer or web designer. But what does this mean exactly? Who can we call web designer or developer? They perform the same job? Is it possible to be both at once?

The developer

The developer business is a bit like that of a designer while being different. The developer creates his spine website from scratch while knowing specific languages. HTML and CSS are essential tools for a developer. The latter does not seek to make them more attractive visual things, he instead role is to create sites with the help of a code and a solid technique. It is often considered a person using the left brain. Ie it has the logic capacity and a thought. It is possible for him to have a degree or some skills in a wide variety of field such as computer programming or science. In hiring, most employers require a whole portfolio.

The web designer

The designer uses software and graphics to make their works to create a good look for the web. This design will be coupled to the coding to make the site alive. The designer can not exercise the developer of business by writing codes adapted to the WebSite. It can work independently. His creative work is still using his imagination and intuition. It typically uses the right brain in order to work properly. He can also continue their studies in a variety of field although it is more specialized in graphic design and art. The best designer has a strong hold on several concepts.

Working for one goal

The developer and web designer can work together for the sole purpose of creating a dynamic site and alive or application adapted to the needs of their clients. A site must actually look good while functioning properly. All it is located inside the brand should reflect and encourage visitors to perform desired actions.

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