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How to make a responsive design with php ?

If you want you to create a website or if you have already but want it to be also accessible from mobile and need website development, responsive web design is the solution. When one realizes that many people go on the sites from their mobile devices, we say on why not create a site for computers and another for mobile? The problem with this situation is that you are then forced to create and manage two websites at once without forgetting that many other devices have also appeared as large format smartphones or tablets. So if you do not want to create a site suitable for each of devices are the ideal would be to appeal to professionals in javascript and resort to responsive web design like a php developement company.

The responsive web design principle

The responsive web design is a technique that consists in making a website and fit all érancs no matter if it is a computer, a smartphone, tablet and others. Technically, it is based on media queries. A fontionnalité which is offered by the CSS to lay out all websites. Indeed, so that the design can be adapted to all screens must utuliser these media queries CSS.

CSS frameworks of the moment

Right now, you have a choice of 10 free frameworks on the internet to help you implement an adaptive design. You have the choice between offering Bootstrap grid layout system, the Web Starter Kit released in 2014 by Google and to adapt any content to all devices, the Gumby that offers a complete set of all CSS components but also also a grid layout, the Foundation with its gray and other UI components, the Responsive Grid System which is very light and is as a quick start kit, Skeleton providing you with a sturdy frame, the KNACSS both fast powerful and simple, HTML5 boilerplate bringing together a set of components and practices, with its Pure 4.4Ko in gzip and framework Cascade proposing to use a maximum of property cascade.

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